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Haylor Risk Management Blog

Beware the New Cyber Insurance Trap

Cyber Monday is coming, beware of cyber attacks

Best Practices to prevent fires and ensure the safety

Workplace Injuries and Illnesses Up 7.5%

OSHA Announces Top 10 Violations for 2023


Big Changes for Workers' Comp rates in NYS

Top 10 Most Frequently Cited OSHA Violations for 2022

Winter Weather Driving & Safety Tips

Are your teachers insured properly? Education Law 3023 requirements

Landscape Safety Equipment

How to Manage your Districts Risk during a Capital Project

Attention NYSNLA Members...OSHA Heat Hazard Inspections Are You Ready?

OSHA Heat Hazard Inspections Are You Ready?

New York Requires Electronic Monitoring Notice

IRS Issues Proposed Rules to Fix the Affordability “Family Glitch”

Cyber Criminals Spear Phishing Your Money!

Can You Avoid a Nuclear Verdict?

Cyber Crime is Here to Stay

How does your insurance policy respond to Property or Business Income Losses resulting from the Russia-Ukraine War?

NY Workers' Compensation Experience Modification Rating (EMR) is changing.

Protect Your Business When Purchasing Insurance

More about cyber and how it impacts your business

Is your business prepared for legalized marijuana in NY?

Employment Practices Coverage,  Covid and #metoo

Insurance Buying: Are You Taking the Right Approach?

Insurance Buying - Are You Taking the Right Approach?

NYS Activates Hero Act- Immediate Action Required

You've been hacked.  Now What??

How does the new NYS Hero Act impact your business?

Marijuana Legal in NY.  What does this mean for your business

Is your Village, Town, County or City prepared for a Cyber incident?

Umbrella Coverage – The Other Reason

Is your district prepared for a CYBER incident?


Are you prepared for the changes to NYS Sick Leave?

Risk Transfer:  Plowing & Snow Removal

IEP Disputes during the Pandemic HC

3 Mistakes Insurance Buyers Make

IEP Disputes during the Pandemic Gilroy

IEP Disputes during the Pandemic

The 3 R's of Proper Risk Management for Manufactured Housing Communities

New Workers' Comp Rate Approved

Compliance Alert - Group Benefits

OSHA Ramps up Covid inspections

Covid-19:  Tips for Re-Opening Your Business Safely

Just Released New Workers' Comp.  Classification for Covid-19

Property Protection During Temporary Shutdown Due To COVID-19

New Federal Programs to Aid Small Businesses

Covid-19 Paid Sick Leave & FMLA

Just released NYS guidance on construction workforce reduction

Interim Guidance for Businesses to Plan & Respond to Coronavirus

Proceed with caution when making employment decisions involving cannabis

New Mandatory Sexual Harassment Policies & Training - Are You Compliant?

New Mandatory Sexual Harassment Policies & Training - Are You Compliant?

OSHA's Top 10 Citations for 2017

Active Shooter Prepare & Respond

OSHA violation leads to manslaughter charges - Is your site OSHA compliant?

Winter Weather: Parking Lots & Sidewalks 

Compare costs for medical procedures? You bet!

Is Cyber Insurance the new D&O?


DOT Launches "Crash Preventability Program"

New DOL 401(K) Fiduciary Rules


Latest ACA Replacement Bill Information

Are you ready for New York Labor Laws?

Will Workers' Comp Reform impact your business?

What do Public Employers need to know about the new Paid Family Leave Law

New Family & Medical Leave in New York

Conducting a thorough incident investigation

Top 10 workplace discrimination claims

Why Student Accident?

The snow stops but the liability doesn't!

Sleep Deprivation in the Workplace

Public Entity claim from $0-1,200,000 with HF&C's involvement

Claim settlement goes from $0-1,200,000  with HF&C's involvement

Digital Piracy…it could happen to your School District

Digital Piracy…it could happen to your City, Town, Village or County

Why You May Need Fiduciary Liability Insurance

A Real Story on Cyber Crime

Business Income Coverage and Beyond...Preparing for Tragedy

Marijuana In The Workplace...5 Things You Need to Know

A Drone Under The Tree This Year? Things to know before you fly....

Special Education Training - Preparing Your Staff

Special Education Training - Prepare Your Staff

8 Essential Elements of a Fleet Safety Program

The Future of Integrated Risk Management

Workers' Compensation and Winter Slip & Falls

Winter Woes:  Parking Lots & Sidewalks

Tips for Navigating the Concussion Confusion

4 Risk Management Tips to Protect YOUR County, City, Town or Village from Injury Liability

3 Unique Claim Advocacy Case Studies

3 Ways to Control Pharmacy Expense

New Required Reporting:  OSHA

Drone Insurance:  A Market on the Rise

Builders Risk, Why You Have to Have It!

Avoiding the Void:  7 Tips to Decrease Work Related Injury

Why do I need Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Carbon Monoxide...are you compliant with the new laws?

Insuring Peace Of Mind:  Managing your Cyber Liability

A long, cold and snowy winter leads to...

Federal Workplace Safety Violation Fines Going Up Aug. 1

Employee Dishonesty....Is Your Business at Risk?