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OSHA Ramps up Covid inspections

Posted by Risk Management Team on May 21, 2020 4:15:01 PM

As states begin reopening their economies,  OSHA has issued two revised enforcement policies to ensure employers are taking action to protect their employees.


Effective May 26, 2020 OSHA has updated their guidance on Covid-19.   This guidance is intended to be time-limited to the current COVID-19 public health crisis.

  • OSHA said it is increasing in-person inspections at all types of workplaces. OSHA said its staff will prioritize COVID-19 inspections.
  • OSHA is revising its previous enforcement policy for recording cases of coronavirus.

Eliminating hazards from COVID-19 remains a top priority for OSHA. Because the government and the private sector have taken rapid and evolving steps to slow the virus's spread, protect employees, and adapt to new ways of doing business, at this time, the rate of new cases, new hospitalizations, and deaths are decreasing in most parts of the country. As workplaces reopen, OSHA will continue to ensure safe and healthy conditions for America's working men and women.

Read the entire OSHA Policy Here 

OSHA's New COVID-19 Enforcement Policy

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