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Covid-19:  Tips for Re-Opening Your Business Safely

Posted by Risk Management Team on May 6, 2020 4:35:49 PM

Follow State and Federal Guidance

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Topics: safety, OSHA, Coronavirus Guidance for Business

Just Released New Workers' Comp.  Classification for Covid-19

Posted by Risk Management Team on May 5, 2020 8:58:14 AM

Did you take advantage of the Federal Payroll Protection Program?

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Topics: Coronavirus Guidance for Business, workers compensation, work comp

Property Protection During Temporary Shutdown Due To COVID-19

Posted by Risk Management Team on Apr 22, 2020 9:25:42 AM

These unprecedented Covid-19 times are forcing many businesses to temporarily close and vacate their properties.  Below are a few tips for keeping your property safe and protected during a temporary shutdown.  

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Topics: Coronavirus Guidance for Business

New Federal Programs to Aid Small Businesses

Posted by Risk Management Team on Apr 1, 2020 3:17:12 PM

There are several Federal Programs that have been enacted to assist  Small Businesses get through these troubled times.

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Topics: Coronavirus Guidance for Business

Just released NYS guidance on construction workforce reduction

Posted by Risk Management Team on Mar 27, 2020 1:38:39 PM


New York State Empire State Development (“ESD”) just amended their guidance for determining whether a business is subject to a workforce reduction, under Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order.  https://esd.ny.gov/guidance-executive-order-2026

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Topics: Coronavirus Guidance for Business

Proceed with caution when making employment decisions involving cannabis

Posted by Risk Management Team on Sep 6, 2019 8:10:43 AM

Many states have updated their laws for recreational or medicinal use of Marijuana over the past few years.  NYS recently made a significant change.    

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Topics: Employment Practices

OSHA's Top 10 Citations for 2017

Posted by Risk Management Team on Jun 7, 2018 11:52:18 AM

OSHA is responsible for protecting the safety and health of the American workforce.  They do this by promulgating and enforcing safety rules, regulations, and standards.  Failure to comply with these standards may result in fines costing nearly $13,000 per serious violation and nearly $130,000 for each willful or repeat violation.    Listed below are the most frequently cited OSHA standards.  Haylor, Freyer & Coon's Loss Prevention Team can help make your job site, plant or facility safe and compliant.  

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Topics: safety, OSHA

Active Shooter Prepare & Respond

Posted by Risk Management Team on Mar 14, 2018 2:34:42 PM


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Topics: shooter, active shooter training, active shooter, safety

OSHA violation leads to manslaughter charges - Is your site OSHA compliant?

Posted by Risk Management Team on Feb 1, 2018 11:35:45 AM

Construction Company Owner Charged with Manslaughter Over Worker's Trench Death

For the first time, an employer in Washington is facing felony manslaughter charges following the death of a worker in an unsecured trench.   What does this mean for you and your site?

Recent statistics show that the fatality rate for excavation construction work is at least 112% higher than that in other construction industries. To help excavation workers stay safe, OSHA has established standards and policies to require a competent person who is capable of identifying and eliminating hazards to be present at every excavation site.

HF&C can provide trenching and excavation safety training consistent with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 29 CFR 1926 Subpart P requirements. The training program would be designed to ensure that participants obtain the knowledge, skill, and understanding necessary to be considered “competent persons” (as defined by OSHA) for excavation safety.  Under the OSHA excavation standards, tasks performed by the competent person include:

■ Classifying soil

■ Verify underground utilities have been located

■ Inspecting protective systems

■ Designing structural ramps

■ Monitoring water removal equipment

■ Conducting site inspections

Additionally, your competent person should be capable of:

  • Displaying extensive knowledge of OSHA 29 CFR 1926--Subpart P
  • Demonstrating correct soil testing procedures and understand how to classify soil
  • Identifying hazards associated with trenching and excavations and understand how to take prompt corrective measures to ensure a safe excavation
  • Understanding the different types of protective systems and how to select the proper system
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Winter Weather: Parking Lots & Sidewalks 

Posted by Risk Management Team on Jan 17, 2018 4:09:08 PM

With the blink of an eye, wind speed and direction can turn a sunny winter day into a blizzard event that lasts for a week. Whatever the weather, a well-planned snow and ice removal strategy will be essential for the safety of your customers and employees as well as your daily operations and bottom line. One incident of slip and fall can be detrimental, but as the business or property owner, you should be aware of other incidents and risks that may arise from failure to properly remove ice or snow from your property.

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